Veritas Tribe, Men's Retreat, Oct. '18


Above - Veritas Tribe, back row from left to right: Joe, Calvin, Gabe, Harry, Aaron, & Kyle.  Front row from left to right: Brenda, Erich, Michael, David, John, & Satya

Below - Our new plaque commemorating and thanking the Home Depot Foundation for their contributions to our large renovation project that began in the spring.

Late in October of 2018, the fall winds of change began to blow in the northeast in many ways both literally and figuratively.  


Eight inured, wounded, and disconnected veterans arrived in Vermont hoping for answers to some of their life's most profound questions.  "What is my purpose in life?  What do I stand for now?  Where do I fit in, and moreover, am I even worth it?"  


These anxious men, from all branches of service, arrived in our backyard of the northeast from states coast to coast.


Over the course of seven days, this tribe's journey began, deepened and continued.  Together, they gradually began to trust each other, and trust themselves once again, something many of them had lost entirely since their time in service.


Each veteran participant summoned the courage to dig deeper into some of the darkest places of their life, allowing unprocessed experiences and emotions to surface that could FINALLY be released after gripping them SO tightly for many years, for some, even decades. 

The retreat’s gentle, flexible, yet structured process allowed these men to be vulnerable, to share, and connect with their true selves and each other in a way that most felt was matched only by their time in uniform. 


By going deeper into the retreat process, each man found a new sense of self, acceptance, belonging, and purpose.  Moreover, these men found the courage to move TOWARD their now brighter futures for not only themselves but also for their families.  Reclaiming hope and the ability to pursue happiness with the same tenacity with which they previously pursued our enemies.  

Throughout the week, from laughter to tears, and every emotion in between, the bonding and trust grew within this group, searing this sacred brotherhood of Veritas, which means truth in Latin, into our hearts and souls.  They are forever connected in Truth.


Please join The Warrior Connection in congratulating VERITAS!

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