Tyler Blakeslee, US Air Force Veteran,

Board Member


Tyler enjoys a passion and curiosity for new tech advancements in identifying cyber threats and vulnerabilities and chose to put his passions to work through his education, receiving his Ph.D. from Northcentral University in Information Systems and his masters from the University of Maryland in Information Technologies.  As a result, Tyler has a diverse work history in information systems technology and cybersecurity.  


After living abroad for 12 years, Tyler and his wife, Ling, recently moved back to the U.S., settling in Florida with family dispersed across the globe (most of which he refers to as his Masonic brothers).  Military service played a significant role in Tyler’s family and, along with Tyler's service in the Air Force, this has instilled a sincere appreciation for the sacrifices made by the men and women that serve our nation in the armed forces.  


Outside the office, Tyler enjoys traveling the world and has been to 35 countries (and counting).  Tyler has two special poodles, Einstein and Yoyo, both weighing about six to seven pounds, although together, they are more than a handful.  Tyler also enjoys listening to audio books and going to the gym along with giving back to his community and helping our veterans get the support and tools they need to be successful both personally and professionally.  

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