Based on our mutual commitment to serve wounded, ill, and injured service members, TWC is partnering with The Warrior Ranch to conduct our retreats in the great state of Texas (Yee-Haw)!

The Warrior Ranch was a life dream of a group of local veterans in the small rural town of Graham, Texas, just over an hour west of Dallas, including two highly decorated, well-respected, and accomplished special forces green berets veterans Command Sergeant Major, James Pippin, and Chief Warrant Officer Four, Gregory Coker.

As a part of continuing their service after the military, this group of veterans answered a divine call to give back to those that have served alongside them and searched for a way for their community to continue to give back in service to others. 


In 2011, The Young County Warrior Ranch was born.  The Warrior Ranch's primary mission is to provide a place of rest for veterans and their families as they recover from war experiences.  However, TWC was an answer to their deep prayer, not just allowing for rest but also providing true healing to the veteran community - that is what TWC does best.  Now in their 11th year of operations and teaming up with TWC in a BIG way, The Warrior Ranch will play a vital role in all of TWC operations in 2022 and beyond.  We are so honored and grateful that "the man upstairs" has provided this powerful partnership to both of our organizations.

This seems like a natural partnership for TWC and aligns well with our mission, "Improving the overall well-being of our veterans and their families by reducing suicide, and repairing families."  TWC's Executive Director Aaron M. Phillips, a Marine Corps veteran and graduate of the TWC programs. 

The Marine Corps motto is Semper Fi, which means "Always Faithful."  While the green berets' motto is De Oppresso Liber, which means "To Liberate the Oppressed."  TWC and Warrior Ranch will do just that, always remain faithful to serving veterans by liberating them from their oppression and helping provide the tools and resources for the bright futures they deserve.