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Tania Provost, US Army

The best experiences of my life were during my active duty service in the US Army from 1992 - 1994. I had the privilege of serving at Fort Hood, in Texas.  I loved it - the physical fitness, the challenge, equipment, excitement, and the senior leadership that appreciated me.


While serving, I lost a child.  As you may imagine, I was overwhelmed by grief.  I wanted to continue serving, but I couldn't.  I saw the future that I had worked so hard to climb towards, slipping away.  Eventually, the reality set in, it was too heavy to ignore - I had been through too much and wasn't healthy enough to remain in service.  I left with regret, sadness, and shame weighing down my heart...


Serendipitously, 20+ years since my service, I was referred to The Warrior Connection by another vet who had found tremendous healing through their program. I trusted him and made the call.  Knowing that I wanted and needed to heal, I chose to attend the TWC retreat, and it has transformed me!


Through the TWC program, I came to understand that what happened to me was not my fault and can forgive the person who hurt me during my military service.  I learned to reduce my anger, I am less aggressive, more humble and have gained deep insight into new ways to handle life triggers.  More importantly, I learned to forgive and love myself again.    

Thank you, Warrior Connection!

-Tania Provost

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