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September marks Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month, calling attention to a national tragedy that has a disparate impact on not only our military and veteran communities; it affects our nation as a whole.  According to the Department of Defense, the veteran suicide rate is almost double that of civilians, with an average of about 20-22 veterans per day, committing suicide.

While no single factor leads to suicide, we do know that nearly two decades of war have taken a significant toll on those that volunteer to serve our nation.  A recently released report on post 9/11 veterans sheds some light on the unique burdens our modern service members and their families shoulder after nearly a generation at war.  In short, lengthy wars have meant extended and frequent deployments, compounding the likelihood of experiencing the traumatic injuries of war.

Sometimes these injuries are not visible; this is why The Warrior Connection is called to serve.  And, while there are no simple answers, The Warrior Connection is committed to being part of the solution; having NOT LOST A SINGLE PROGRAM GRADUATE to suicide since our program began, almost 10 years ago.  And today, we are hoping that you too will chip in to help increase the accessibility of resources available to veterans and, hopefully, help us continue to reduce these tragic suicide numbers, one veteran at a time.

To help raise awareness of our resources, helping veterans and their families heal - Will you share The Warrior Connection on your social media platforms today? 


You never know how simply offering a resource such as ours can make a real difference - possibly even saving a life.

In service to those that served,

-Team TWC

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