Whether you are or were married to a Veteran, this retreat is for a spouse, partner, or any other family member in a significantly close relationship with a Veteran.  At our spouse retreat, a person who longs to discover who we are beneath the intimate partner or caregiver role.

In the company of other spouses who have lived with a Veteran’s PTS, the atmosphere and program offer a haven to explore creative ways to reflect, express, nourish, and care for oneself from a kind, loving, and real place.


While absolutely no artistic ability is required, the expressive arts provide a robust and fun tool to access inner wisdom and give you your unique voice.  Here you can discover and reawaken that part of yourself that yearns to be creative, expressive, and reconnected with your spouse and your joy!


Does this sound like you?  If so, this private and confidential retreat is a golden opportunity for you to uncover the person and spouse you were born to be and know you are.  Be moved by the courageous beauty and strength of other spouses.  Give yourself the gift of time in a safe and gentle space to come home to yourself.


Let go of being responsible for others—trust your intuition—and give yourself and your family the gift of this highly recommended Warrior's Spouse Retreat.  It WILL change your life and your relationship.

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