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Women's Retreat, Aponi Tribe 2018

Early in June of 2018, seven scared, hardened, wounded, and disconnected veterans arrived in Vermont. These anxious women came from all around the country.

As the Aponi Tribe's journey began and continued, they gradually began to trust themselves, each other, and the retreat’s gentle, flexible yet structured process to be vulnerable, share, and connect with their true selves.

One by one, each veteran dug deeply into unprocessed experiences and released stuffed feelings. By going deeper in the process, each woman found an entry point into her bright inner light, a light that dimmed, but had been there all along.

Throughout the week, tears, hugs, comfort, belly laughs, nature, forgiveness, "baptisms”, connections, truth-telling, love, flowers, chocolate, coffee and tea were some of the essential elements that created a powerful sisterhood and a safe and healing space for each woman to open her heart and blossom.

The morning these seven women departed TWC to go forth and reconnect with family, friends and their communities, they were greeted by a rarely seen gift. Seven Luna Moths appeared around their loft door. What a perfect metaphor for the extraordinary transformation each woman experienced.

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