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TWC Gave Me My Life Back - Meet Ryan

As an Airmen in the United States Air Force from 1999-2007, I served as a Firefighter/Paramedic. I was 22 years old when I landed in a Combat zone. I was deployed to Kuwait and Iraq and was attached to a Marine Corps missile battery. I am proud of my service and even reenlisted to go back overseas for a second tour. At times my experience was pretty rough but I handled it the best I could. I served honorably and did my duty.

When my time ended and I came home, I started having trouble dealing with some of my experiences. I coped with alcohol and other questionable life choices. I lived on the edge, made some mistakes, and got in some trouble and I was diagnosed with PTSD. I knew I needed some help and it was hard to ask for it. Although just like my time in the service, I tried to do my best. But with all the doctors and pills, and MORE pills, it wasn’t going well and I wasn’t getting any better. My life had become unmanageable. I was drowning my sorrows in drugs and alcohol. I had completely lost who I was. I lost all interest in things I used to enjoy such as playing sports, time in nature, cooking, and the gym. I had no hope and nowhere else to turn.

At this point, I had been in and out of programs for the better part of two years before a buddy of mine pulled me aside and told me about TWC. So, feeling like I have tried everything else, and I was on my last leg, I thought I might as well give this a try. I literally went from one program to the retreat at TWC, figuring it would just be like all the rest: filled with a bunch of B.S. by people who didn’t understand. BOY WAS I WRONG, THANKFULLY!

At the retreat I found the truth of who I really am. I now have hope for my future again. I learned that I still have a big heart and a willingness to help others. I can get back to my interests, hobbies. I have the opportunity to become a great father. Most of all, I have freedom to live again and I feel comfortable in my own skin without being heavily medicated. I AM NOW OFF ALL BUT ONE MEDICATION!

I am so thankful to my lovely girlfriend, Danielle, who has stood by me through all of this. She was/is SO DELIGHTED to see the change in me as a result of this program. Hopefully she is going to attend the TWC retreat for spouses too.

Thank you TWC. There are no words for my gratitude.

Ryan Longtin

Airmen, USAF, ‘99-07

A special thank you to the people who have supported me the most: My Mother and Father (Susan and Tom Longtin), my girlfriend and her children (Danielle, Evan, and Grace), Aunts and Uncles, and close friends.

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