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Reconnecting With My Heart - Meet Jim

My name is Jim, I served six years in the Marine Corps as a Non-Commissioned Officer, squad leader, in an infantry antitank assault unit. I deployed to Beirut Lebanon in '82-83, patrolling the city, guarding the airport, and training the Lebanese Army in hand to hand combat. My deployment was to be a peacekeeping mission. Unfortunately, that mission drastically changed with the terrorist bombing of the US Embassy, on October 23rd, 1983, when 220 Marines from my unit were killed.

As a result of what I experienced during my service, my attempts to cope took me down a dark road into the bottle, through broken relationships, and dealing with a tremendous amount of guilt.

After so many dark years, and many other programs that did not work, I found The Warrior Connection (TWC). Their program pulled me into the light, giving me tools and resources to heal that I’d never had before.

To say I am thankful is a huge understatement. What I learned during my retreat included the realization that on the other side of my rage, anger, and fear, lies Happiness. I know that and I was stuck, unable to be fully present for my myself, my friends and my family. The Warrior Connection retreat showed me how to get out of my head and reconnect with my heart. Happiness lies on the other side of all of the issues I was struggling with. For the first time, in a long time, I feel hopeful again!

Please help me, help other Veterans, find this healing program. We owe it to all those who served and are suffering.

Jim Fleury, CPL. USMC

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