Immeasurable Experience - Meet Candance

At a time when I felt there was nowhere to turn, I found the Warrior Connection and Dr. Anne Black has had a profoundly positive impact on my life.

My phone call to the Warrior Connection was one of the most difficult calls I have made. I was, however, met with a voice that embraced me with compassion and love. Anne assured me that this might be the right avenue for me.

With Anne’s guidance and encouragement, I embarked on a very challenging journey. I struggled through a lot of tears and persevered through all of her difficult soul-searching activities.

After three days under her constant tutelage, I finally felt liberated. Her guided meditations and tough assignments allowed me to finally remove the armor and shackles that bound me since my military experience.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Anne and her incredible gift for healing the spirit and soul. Thoughts of her remind me to continue to show and feel the love in everything we do and say.

Thanks to Anne I am forever free from the constraints my military experience placed on me. Anne’s compassion, generosity, spiritual guidance and devotion to our veterans are beyond compare.

My experience with the Warrior Connection is immeasurable. Thank you.