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I Hadn't Looked Back At My Own War Experience - Meet Natasha

Years after Natasha served aboard jets in the Gulf War, she felt her life purpose was yet to be realized. Yes, her current job helping other Veterans was meaningful, but there had to be more.

"Through my outreach to Veterans, I saw a video about The Warrior Connection and instantly understood the remarkable effect the retreats provide. Thinking I could recommend TWC to Vets, I decided to attend a retreat. What I didn't realize was I NEEDED to attend a retreat. I hadn't looked back on my own war experience.

Through TWC, I was able to find myself, regain my strength, and go after my life's purpose. I wanted to be a helicopter pilot and fly again. During the closing ceremony at the retreat, a helicopter flew above us. That was the confirmation I needed!

Today I am a helicopter pilot back home in the Pacific Northwest, focused on my next goal to fly air ambulance. Serving my neighbors will be my dream come true!"

Natasha credits TWC as the catalyst to help her feel safe enough to connect with her authentic self, have the strength to move through her fears, and live her dream.

Natasha Barton, USAF

Desert Shield/Desert Storm '90-91

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