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I Experienced Forgiveness - Meet Colleen

I flew KC-135’s for 11 years before medically retiring from the Air Force in 2010. Since my service, I battled depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

When I heard about TWC, I was in a bad place. Although, after talking to Anne and learning about the retreat, I knew I had to go. Despite being nervous and scared to open up to strangers about these hurts, I DID open to the TWC process. It was amazing to feel walls crumbling down and love for myself returning and growing.

In the retreat, be ready intense emotions, memories, and some tears. While at the same time, you’ll build strong camaraderie with your group, your facilitators, and leave the ranch with hope, understanding, and love!

TWC changed my life! I experienced forgiveness that was crucial to my healing. I left the ranch feeling lighter than I had in many years, with an intense strength to continue my healing process at home with new tools. I knew that I was going to be ok. I hope many more veterans try a TWC retreat.

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