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I Don't Think I'd Be Alive - Meet Anthony

Anthony Grajeda’s wife, Kurstin, was scared. She wanted to help her husband climb out of a dark place. Anthony, a father of four and an Iraq veteran, was suicidal. Looking to preserve his life, he agreed to attend a Warrior Connection retreat.

Anthony admits, “I don’t think I’d be alive today without that TWC team. They were not willing to give up on me. They truly cared and loved me each step of the journey. They were there for me then and continue to be here for me now.” Day by day in the retreat, Anthony crossed through his fears and reclaimed the value of his life.

Anthony believes the retreat changed his life. His family, friends, even his employer now see a better man. Anthony wanted the change and TWC helped him find the way through what he experienced in combat and return to his authentic self.

Witnessing transformations like Anthony’s confirms over and over the effectiveness of the retreat program—and that there is hope for veterans ready to deal with the injuries incurred during their service.

Donate to help TWC expand and attract more veterans like Anthony, who are praying for inner peace and emotional freedom.

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