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Finding Beauty at Warrior Ranch

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Deborah, TWC's Program Manager, shares her experience in seeing our new retreat location in Graham, Texas. She reflects on finding the beauty at Warrior Ranch and discovering the heart of the Graham community.

Positive Psychology states that "in starting to notice moments of beauty and

compassion in your day, you can greatly influence your happiness and become healthier." Through my gratitude practice, I'd like to express my deep appreciation and profound gratitude for all those involved in helping renovate our new retreat site, The Warrior Ranch, in Graham, Texas.

When a group of people gathers with one mission in mind, there tends to be a deep-rooted feeling of connectedness. I experienced this upon my arrival at The Warrior Ranch. Walking into the barn, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who stayed after our fundraiser to be a part of the working party to prepare the space for our first training and men's retreat in April. This dedicated work party included our retreat "elders," who have been involved with TWC almost since its inception. I lovingly think of them - working tirelessly alongside others who have a deep desire to contribute to others' well-being, working for 12 -16 hours each day. The Nelson family, Bob Sr., daughter Brenda, and son, Bob Jr., road-tripped from Arkansas with a trailer full of tools to lead the carpentry efforts with our new friends. While Bob Jr.'s wife, Jill, is committed to helping supply our kitchen needs through her company, Lifetime Brands. WOW – beautiful altruism in action to those that served. Again, profound joy and incredible satisfaction for a common goal and a connected community.

The heart of Texas is very evident in the community surrounding our new retreat site. First and foremost is the generous partnership with The Warrior Ranch, which opened its doors to us and has shared its beautiful space. We are thrilled about this new opportunity to partner with another veteran service organization. Within Graham, we have a yoga community likewise eager to assist, a lumber company that generously discounted our lumber needs, and a restaurant, Rockin' S Bar & Grill, which we will continue to frequent that helps support homeless vets. Truly a welcoming community excited to have us!

Last but not least, without your generous contributions to our Amazon wish list, we would not have been able to create warm, inviting spaces that will welcome every participant from the moment they turn into Warrior Ranch. Thank you for sharing your love and your light – it is genuinely and deeply an honor to work beside you! We at TWC are so excited to begin this year's retreats!

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