Leadership Ethos & Employee Principles


  • Our Focus Is the Veterans

  • Serve TWC With Tenacious Compassion

  • Lead Through Direction And Guidance

  • Hire Only the Best People

  • Take Great Care of All Our People

  • Speak From Our Hearts and Say What's True

  • Always Do Our Best

Aaron Phillips, Executive Director
Colette Nicole, Ops Manager
Dr. Steven Keihl, Program Manager
Joe Doyle, Facilitator & Trainer
Bob Brusa, Retreat Facilitator
Dan Silver, Retreat Facilitator
Arlene Spaulding, Coordinator
Niki Fletcher, Yoga Instructor
Peter May, Esq.  Board Chair
Ralph Kauzlarich, Vice Chairman
Deborah Manzanares, Board Secretary
Bryan Stewart, Board Treasurer
Bill Beatty, Committee Chair
Charissa McNair, Committee Chair
Bob Tortolani, Board member
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