Niki Fletcher, Yoga Instructor​



Niki is a Certified Yoga Therapist and Therapeutic Life Mentor.  Initially discovering yoga as a way to help with chronic pain and injury, Niki has been practicing yoga for over 14 years, and teaching alignment based vinyasa and therapeutic yin style yoga since 2011. 


At TWC, Niki shares a therapeutic embodiment oriented practice that is accessible to all fitness levels and ways of being.  As Niki's love for the practice grew, she learned how to use these methods to tap into more meaningful and fulfilling ways of healing, by listening in to her body's natural wisdom, this allowed her to grow, heal and learn new techniques of being more truthful and authentic in her day to day life.  Niki understands what it is like to grow up with PTSD and to have that guarded feeling being around family members who were in the military as well as in Uniformed Services.  Seeing how these professions have impacted people she loves as well as herself, she is grateful to be able to give this gift back to TWC.  


Niki grew up in the Adirondack Mountains of New York and currently resides in Brattleboro VT with her pup Lona.  When not working, she is continuing her education, working towards International Accreditation through the school of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.   Additionally, Niki enjoys hiking, rock climbing, growing food, and doing anything else that can keep her busy outdoors.  


For more information on Yoga and Yoga Therapy you can visit her website at or contact her at or via Facebook at Yoga Meets Therapy.

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