Message From Our Founder

TWC experienced a truly transformative year in 2016!


In July, Aaron Phillips was hired as the Executive Director, with the goal of taking the organization to new heights, breadths, and depths.

After quickly learning all aspects of the organization, Aaron immediately started TWC on a new path, implementing shifts in the leadership team to focus on the business side of TWC: establishing systems and processes, defining roles and responsibilities, and providing the infrastructure to enable the future growth of the organization.  By the end of 2016, under Aaron’s leaderships, the TWC leadership team identified three top priorities for the new year: board development, marketing and PR, and fundraising.  TWC ended the year with a refreshing new direction, full of promise.


As founder, having witnessed the history, strengths, and weaknesses of TWC, I am immensely encouraged and optimistic that the organization is in the process of implementing a business foundation that is essential for our healing message to be successfully communicated to the greater Veteran community.  I look forward to a fabulous 2017 retreat season!

Dr. Anne Black

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