Message From the Board Chairman

In reflection, 2016 was a pivotal year for TWC.


We collectively decided to take the program to the next level. We hired a new Executive Director, Aaron Phillips, with the intent of spreading this incredibly successful program to the entire Veteran community.


Without hesitation, Aaron has performed excellently, tackling our new tasks head-on. Assembling new teams including a new board of directors, programs, and financial teams.  Along with refocusing our marketing efforts, new fundraising techniques were also tested and are being put in place to fuel our new growth strategy. 


I am so excited for the 2017 retreat season and so proud of our organization.  There is no doubt we are on the path of successfully helping the more of the Veteran community mitigate this plague.  Ultimately everyone suffering from PTSD and MST deserves the opportunity to benefit from our program.

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