Taso Mouhteros

Board Director

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“Mr. Mouh-ter-os, YOU have the worst monotone voice I’ve ever heard!” bellowed his public speaking professor. And so began Taso's college days at Hamilton College, a “little-Ivy” liberal arts college in Upstate NY, where biology was his intended major, but very soon shifted to French Literature and Philosophy. Taso's parents would ask: “Can you still become a doctor?”

Taso Mouhteros is the son of uneducated, Greek immigrants from Sparta, Greece. Greek was his first language. Raised in Toronto, Canada, he managed to be a good enough hockey player and student to be recruited by a dozen U.S. colleges. He has been “creative” his whole life with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Taso is married (10 years!) to an African American woman from the South—Paducah, KY. They blend the best of their cultures and connect on many incredible levels despite their starkly different experiences growing up. They have a seven-year-old son together (George Oscar) and recently added a French Bulldog puppy named Lightning.

In 2000, Taso founded a full-service advertising agency (PLUM) that worked alongside Marines, filming them on their
bases as part of a global recruitment campaign. This inspired him to develop a TV series based on Camp Pendleton
Marines after really gaining some insights about their lives. His wife’s father was a purple heart Vietnam Vet and he's been
to Arlington to visit his grave. And so, Taso is excited to join TWC in its work and mission to do his part...it is the least we
can do to serve the people who serve us and risk their lives for our freedom.