Bret Tecklenburg

Board Advisor

US Army Veteran, 24 Years of Service

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Your tax dollars went into educating and developing Bret Tecklenburg into an exceptional leader with operational and fiscal expertise. He takes pride in putting those spent tax dollars to work for others. He offers a library of cookbooks filled with solutions versus a universal recipe for everything offered by some. Bret founded BizFortis Advisors with a focus on contributing to small to mid‐sized businesses with service-based expense reduction solutions that are integrated and customized providing priority‐based business optimization.

Bret delivers skills and expertise from irreplicable experiences. He spent 24‐years in the Army in an operational career field followed by 4‐years helping to manage $700+ million in receivables for a large university before departing for business. His experiences include the spectrum from routine to crisis management at operational and strategic levels. This includes:
- Military activities across the globe including crisis response to threats from terrorism ∙ 6 deployments for combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq
- Facilitated operations with headquarters and agencies across the Department of Defense and the whole of U.S. Government inter‐agencies
- Developed and implemented institutional changes for the Army while contributing to Army recruiting efforts
- Fiscal oversight and control for 100+ million‐dollar budgets
- Business Optimization for small and mid‐sized businesses
- Graduate of a variety of military schools including a distinguished honor graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger Course

Bret knows and has overcome significant challenges under incredibly difficult circumstances. As a young soldier, he started as a mechanic and crew chief before becoming a young sergeant responsible for others. As a private, he learned the value of individuals, the importance of self‐development, and the success from teams where he was a trusted crew member expected to operate independently. As a sergeant, he learned that two key attributes of a leader are responsibilities as a follower and service to those whom you lead. The Army provided Bret with an education and opportunities. His education includes an undergraduate degree in business and graduate degrees in both history and in operations. As an Army officer, he grew from direct to organizational levels of leadership. His leadership philosophy