Fourth of July Message From a Marine

Aaron M. Phillips, Executive Director

USMC Veteran, TWC Graduate & Facilitator

I served in The Corps, I deployed, I returned, and the day came when my service ended.  Although my Marine Corps missions are complete, now I have a new mission...


On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England, an event which eventually led to the formation of the United States.  We broke free from the bonds that held us back and limited our potential.


Over a series of days, a small group of New Americans made a decision that would forever change our nation and the world.  Moreover, although it wasn't easy, these dedicated Patriots persevered.   


Much like the retreat programs that The Warrior Connection offers veterans and their families, our national independence required a ton of work, focus, and effort by a group of patriots who wanted a better life.  The aim is well worth it.


Our nation's veterans come to TWC with the same opportunity our forefathers intended for them, the chance to free themselves from internal bondage and to emerge, with their group, a better, stronger, and more capable version of their true self.  Our Veterans deserve their freedom from internal pain and suffering.  We are proud to help them find that freedom and peace here, at TWC.


Just like our nation, TWC continues to evolve.  Our focus in 2018 is to deepen the support systems needed to provide to our programming to veterans and families through six critical areas of well-being (physical health, mental health, community involvement, career, financial, and spiritual well-being).


TWC will support our veterans and accomplish these essential goals by engaging new strategic business partners, financial supporters, and encouraging entrepreneurs to fuel TWC's need for funding, programming staff, retreat facilitators, and serving more veterans.


As with all non-profits, our financial model and mission are inseparably linked.  Our challenge and immediate needs are to transition the organization to that of a self-sustaining, growth-minded business model.  Our new funding strategy includes traditional, organic non-profit funding sources like capital campaigns and events, as well as crowdsourcing and grants.


We have a lot of work ahead.  And, I am excited by the opportunity to grow our program and reach more veterans in their communities.  This responsibility truly humbles me, and I look forward to all that is ahead for us. Together, we will continue to make significant differences in the lives of our veterans.


With my new mission accepted, serving veterans and their families, I continue, onward and upward.  Semper Fi!



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