Dr. Steven Keihl, Program Manager

Dr. Steven Keihl, Ph.D.,
MAJ. US Army (Ret.)


Dr. Steven Keihl is a combat veteran and licensed therapist committed to helping veterans live a healthy, happy life as well as to develop and maintain healthy and satisfying personal relationships. Steven is happily married with four wonderful children and two fantastic grandchildren. 


Steven is a retired 26-year veteran of the US Army as a Military Police Officer who has served in combat, earned the Bronze Star, and obtained the rank of Major. Steven developed a passion to help his peers work through the many complicated issues of military and combat service leading to his involvement directing veteran programs at two different counseling centers, developing and leading an inpatient program for veterans at a substance use facility, and serving as a Military and Family Life Counselor for both the Air Force and the Marines.

Dr. Keihl has completed four different graduate degree programs including his doctoral dissertation entitled “Holistic Treatment of Combat-Related PTSD”. He has earned multiple certifications over the years, many focused on his passion to help veterans. The VA lists Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE), Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD (CPT for PTSD) as the “Gold Standard” treatments in the field of trauma treatment for veterans, Steven has completed formal training in ALL three modalities.

Dr. Steven Keihl believes in WHOLE Person Health (Mind, Body, Heart, & Soul). Steven has a passion to help veterans discover and maintain health in all four primary areas of life and is committed to maintaining such health in his own life. Steven is an experienced college professor, and a Meditation Instructor (MIND). Steven is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Group Fitness Instructor, a former NCAA Wrestler, and a student of Martial Arts earning a Black Belt/Sash in three different disciplines (BODY). He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a great deal of experience helping individuals, couples and families, and a Certified HeartMath Trainer (HEART). Finally, Steven is a DoD Endorsed Chaplain, Ordained Elder, and a teacher of Native and Tribal Spiritual Practices and wrote a book on this topic (SPIRIT). 

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