Operations Manager, Colette Nicole

As both the child and partner of a veteran, Colette has always had a deep respect, gratitude, and affinity for our veterans and their journey.  As a medical professional in both emergency medicine and diagnostic radiology, Colette has worked with many veterans, including during her time at VA hospitals.  It fills her cup to provide medical care and advocate for our veterans, while also providing a friendly ear, and teaching them to be excellent advocates for themselves.


Colette is excited to bring her experience in project management, leadership and teamwork, patience, and ability to get things done, to the TWC team for 2018 and beyond.


Away from her work in medicine and with TWC, Colette enjoys dance, yoga, Pilates, hiking barefoot (earthing) with her bright young daughter, Elle, and their two fur baby chihuahua rascals (Bo and Oreo), and two hermit crabs (Cha-Cha and Nacho).  

And, although Colette was born and raised in California, she has traveled the world through competitive sports and dance.

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