what retreat grads want you to know

Arlene Spaulding, SSGT. National Guard (Retired)

There is much more I could say, however, I just took a mental journey back to that moment and am slightly speechless.  The experience at my TWC retreat, receiving Anne's care, and paying it forward with TWC has given me more resilience to not be STUCK in my own quagmires.


The one special thing about Anne is her steadfast vision and persistence in helping Veterans via The Warrior Connection. Honestly, I feel that there are many Special Things about Anne and hope what I have written expounds this a bit.


I feel that Anne sees through the garbage that has been put upon each of us in her unique way. She listens to what is said to her and knows what each person needs to hear; it is not always what one wants to hear, but it is, most often, spot-on.


The combination of Anne's vision of each person she helps and her persistence of pushing through her personal and financial boundaries to assure that The Warrior Connection lives; to service those who have served and are not living (a quality life).


Anne's vision is similar to mine. The desire to help Veterans find a quality of life that the military squelched and/or muted. The day she and I met was a day I will never forget. When she spoke to me it was like she heard my thoughts and spoke them. I was dumbfounded.​


Although there are times when 'it' creeps back in, Anne and TWC's mission breathes life back into me and 'My Why'; there are many of my Veteran sisters and brothers also in need of their own clearer view.

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