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The Warrior Connections mission is to improve the overall well-being of veterans and their families.
In 2016, our team grew stronger, our business strategy was strengthened, our retreats 
continued to save lives and deeply impact our veterans and their communities.


Our team grew in many ways, most notably we added a new and highly dedicated Executive Director.
Now our team is national, collaborating from Colorado, Alaska, Vermont, Ohio, and California.
*TWC Executive Director, Aaron M. Phillips, with mentor Darian Rodriguez Heyman, accomplished Executive Director, best-selling author, and social entrepreneur.
For the first time, in 2016, TWC expanded our network by attending veteran focused events from New England to California, gaining supporters and building relationships nationwide.
Read personal messages from The Founder,
The Chairman, and the Executive Director.


We rebranded and modernized our new website. We also implement strong TWC communication campaigns and grew to over 30 thousand facebook followers!


Retreat programs for both male and female veterans and their families were expanded and include new and effective modalities.
  We kept all retreat programs and services  low cost and open to veterans and families of all service eras.
In 2016, TWC held six retreats for veterans and their families allowing 55 service personnel to attend, participate, and find tremendous healing through our unique retreat.


Through the blood, sweat, and tears of volunteers we made improvements to the retreat center to better care for veterans.

True to our mission, TWC is a streamlined organization and our efforts, energies, and funds directly support our veterans. 

  • 85% Veteran Programs & Retreats

  • 5% Events & Fundraising

  • 5% Staff Salaries

  • 3% Office Equipment

  • 2% Marketing

We designed new and sustainable funding models in order to keep programs as low cost as possible.
 "Gimme 10" and
"Pay it Forward" are 2 new
campaigns launching in 2017
2016 was our best year yet.
Thanks to all that made it possible.