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You're Registered.

Now What?


Thanks for registering for our event!   Now you are ready to start collecting pledges.  Download your pledge sheet and event waiver and be sure to bring this on the day of the event. 


The person with the most pledges wins an exclusive 2-night getaway!


$2,500 funds one Veteran for our 7-day retreat.  How many can you sponsor through pledges?


Ideally, shooters register a minimum of five (5) sponsors.

The recommended, but not required, the minimum pledge is $2.50 per bullseye.

There is no maximum pledge, so please (before the event) "Aim High."

...however, this ain't the Air Force, so on the day of the event, BE ON TARGET!


Flat donations are also encouraged and appreciated.


Beyond collecting sponsors, please promote the event on Facebook.

FB friends can IM or post their pledges, and you can add them to your pledge sheet.


If you have any questions, please contact Aaron otherwise we'll see you at the event!

 44 round course* (ammo is included)

Pledges are per bulls-eye (so bring your A-game!)

Top Sponsor Award is a 2-Day Get Away



*Shooters are asked to bring their own firearm. If you do not have your own pistol and would like to participate, email Aaron.

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