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About twenty-two Veterans commit suicide each day in the United States.  Our Aim is Zero Veteran suicides.  What is AIM TO ZERO?  A20 is a pistol shooting fundraiser to ensure Veterans and their families can attend our life-saving programs. 


Remember those middle-school walk-a-thon fundraisers?  Well, this is kinda like that, except with BULLETS & bullseyes! 


Participants register for this pistol shooting event, collect pledges from friends, family, and sponsors for would be bulls-eyes you'll plan to hit.  Shooters will compete in the event, and have a blast - literally!  Pledge collections will be handled by TWC after the event, allowing participants to focus on simply getting as many pledgers and sponsors as possible in support of our vets and our programming.

Registration Fee Includes:

  • Raffle Prizes

  • Event Ammo

  • Food & Drinks

  • Top-Shot Awards

  • Custom A20 & TWC Event T-Shirt

Events are scheduled in California, Ohio, New England, and Florida!  CLICK THE LINK and join us; let's have a blast together!  Scroll ALL THE WAY down for more information, FAQ's, and contact information.


Upcoming Events


When:  September 21st, 2019, from 9am - 1pm

Where: Greater New England at Cheshire County Fish & Game

When:  September 28, 2019, from 10am - 2pm

Where: Ohio at Piqua Fish & Game

When:  November 2, 2019, from 10am - 2pm

Where: Tampa, Florida location Shooters World, Tampa

When:  November 9th, 2019, from 10am - 2pm

Where: Northern California at Los Altos Rod & Gun Club


Registration Fee includes:

  • Raffle Prizes

  • Event Ammo

  • Food & Drinks

  • Top-Shot Awards

  • Custom A20/TWC T-Shirt

Open to shooters of all ages and abilities.  Shooters, sponsors, and volunteers welcome (and needed!). Shooters, bring your own firearm. If you do not have your own pistol and would like to participate, email Aaron for details.


The Fine Print:

Ideally, shooters register a minimum of five (5) sponsors.  Flat donations are also encouraged and appreciated.  The recommended, but not required, the minimum pledge is $2.50 per bullseye.  There is no maximum pledge, so please (before the event) "Aim High."  ...however, this isn't the Air Force, so on the day of the event, BE ON TARGET!  The shooter with the most pledges wins an exclusive 2-night getaway!

$2,500 funds one Veteran for our 7-day retreat.  How many can you sponsor through pledges?

The format for the shoot will vary slightly by location.  Shooters will receive one box of 50-round ammo.  Shooters will have six "warm-up" shots.  The course of fire will be 44 rounds (22 x2) on fixed targets from varying distances.  Reminder, this is a fundraiser (not a competition shoot), so we'll do our best to keep you in the black.  After all, that is the whole point of the event.  

Beyond collecting sponsors, please promote the event on Facebook.  FB friends can IM or post their pledges, and you can add them to your pledge sheet.


If you have any questions, please contact Aaron otherwise we'll see you at the event!

The Warrior Connection (TWC) provides retreats for veterans and mil-spouses that struggle with PTSD (post-traumatic stress), MST (military sexual trauma), depression, or anxiety.  Hundreds of Veterans have attended our programs, and we have not lost a single one! 


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