Four Ways to Honor The Fourth of July

Have a Conversation About Freedom

On this particular day, when you gather, consider reflecting on and discussing a powerful quote by William Faulkner, "We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it."


What does this quote mean for you?  What does this quote mean for those in our country with opinions and beliefs different from yours?


Donate to a Charity

There are many worthy charities that honor our veterans and the freedom we are willing to fight for, including The Warrior Connection.  Give your time or money to support their influential work. 


Write a Thank You

Take a few moments to write to a veteran and thank them for their service.  Whether it’s is your grandfather or someone you don’t know, a card of appreciation can mean so much to the recipient.  An easy way to find a member of the military to write to is through the organization, A Million Thanks.  This organization will pair you up with a member of the military and the address to send a note.   Involve your kids to make colorful cards. Visit A Million Thanks here.


Honor Our Freedom

Visit a local memorial, National Park, or a National Monument.  This doesn't 't mean you have to travel to D.C., New York, Philadelphia, or Massachusetts.  There are over 129 protected national monuments, 60 national parks, and thousands of veteran memorials across the nation.  A quick Google search and you are sure to find one you and your family can enjoy near you.

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