"Over the last 15 months, The Warrior Connection has gone through a metamorphosis that has positioned the organization, from the top down, to best serve our high-risk Veterans while simultaneously procuring maximum value from every dollar donated towards our purpose and efforts. We sincerely appreciate those who support us now and look forward to welcoming those who will support us in the future."


COVID Impact

As the world shut down and social distancing became the focus, TWC questioned how to continue to be there for veterans and military families. Executive Director of TWC, Aaron Phillips, reflects that the biggest challenge TWC faced, like many, was the severance of physical connection.


The Impact YOU Made Through TWC


Colette Phillips

TWC Program Coordinator

Military Spouse & Child of a Veteran

I looked at him and that's the first time he's looked back at me in years. I have not seen him in years.


When I left, I knew and felt this new sense of knowing and newfound energy- a spark within me. It was and remains so very powerful.


What makes TWC's retreats incredibly impactful and different from many programs is the long-term relationships formed with mentors.

Rhea Amante 2018.jpg

Rhea Amante
TWC Board Director
Veteran & Child of a Veteran

We aren't weak because we need help. In fact, I'd say we're strong for being able to self-identify and to actually take that step. So taking that step could be the thing that saves you or someone else's life.


Scott Jenson
TWC Volunteer
US Marine Corps Veteran

If you can see those people who go through this process and then thrive, then I think that that's enough evidence for me that, you know, that is something that works and it's something that's helping people.