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"Connecting our Veterans with Themselves, their Families and their Communities."

The Warrior Connection’s residential and experiential retreats are successfully resolving loss, repairing moral injury and easing post-traumatic stress in combat veterans and military sexual trauma survivors across the country.

Just because the war stops, doesn’t mean
the veteran stops warring...

The Rand Report tells us one in three soldiers will return home with post-traumatic stress (PTS), major depression and/or traumatic brain injury. Suicide rates continue to rise as each day 23 veterans end their lives and 84% of veteran marriages fail. Veterans from all theaters are living with PTS.

Our young men and women have been highly trained as effective soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines. Ethically and morally, the invisible wounds of our warriors must be addressed so they can find peace and reclaim their lives. America desperately needs help to safely return veterans to their families, friends and communities.

And now, finally, one small organization in Vermont is beginning to turn these statistics around and wants you to be part of the solution.

Using a unique and proven method, warriors are respectfully guided through an effective nine-station process to revisit their journey before, during and since their deployment. Trusting the body’s innate power to heal, the process gives veterans a spacious pause to reflect on those memories ready to be explored, felt and released. These are often the very memories causing their flashbacks, nightmares and insomnia. During a simple, yet powerful, six-day process, trained facilitators and mentors create safe and trust-worthy retreat settings where small groups of veterans are able to face themselves and tell their truth. Here warriors connect with their life force so they can return to their homes as the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters they want to be.

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